Baumgartner (Distanced Part I)

Anthonius (Distanced Part II) 

Baumgartner + Anthonius
Distanced (Lockdown)

Mayo 23, 2020
We premiere a new livestream performance: Distanced is a new dance improvisation devised and scored by Anthonius & Christian Baumgartner performed by contemporary dancers around the world.

In order of appearance: Riley Wolf, Jasmine Chiu, Sau-Ching Wong, Natalia Garrido, Olga Somocueto, Yi-Chi Lee, Sara Fernández, Julen Flores, Ana Pérez Nievas, Wing Yue Leung, Emilie Leriche.

Recorded during the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) situation in April/May/2020. Many thanks to everyone involved in this project.

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