Mordem (Closer Part I)

Ylia Live (Closer Part II) 

Mordem + Ylia
Closer (Lockdown)

Agosto 15, 2020
We premiere the second part of our dance series in Captcha. In this case the performance is called Closer. There will be professional dancers improvising on a Mordem & Ylia live session .

@led_silhouette = @jon_lopezg + @martxelrodriguez
@goharikmh + @haeng_syo_jk
@migueltoro2746 + @yaizad
@natiachikvaidze @yusien9541 @tete_tetera @josemlsebastian
@maxmlevy @carlosgonzalezolivo @benoitcouchot @__clumsiness

Recorded during the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) situation in April/May/2020. Many thanks to everyone involved in this project.

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