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General information about captcha:

Where can you learn to implement captcha on your
web site without any html or php knowledge ?
This web site that you are reading ( )

What is captcha ?
Who better to ask than wikipedia on captcha

What is the captcha turing test ?
Who better to ask than wikipedia on Turing test

Who invented captcha ?
Back to wikipedia on Alan Turing

What is the present hassle and halabaloo about
captcha not being all that good ?
Try this article on captcha from the Wall Street Journal

Want to see some really bad, exaggerated or outlandish samples of nearly unreadable captcha images ?
Try this how bad can captcha get ?

Read some more on some further problems with captcha



Captcha examples used on this web site, or borrowed from, modified, partially used, discarded, reused and partially implemented:

[ if any web site reported here below feels that I have missed the point - the point being the captcha sector for non programmers that I could not find on your web site - - please feel free to flame me and then let me have a link to your sector for non programmers WHERE YOU SHOW ME HOW TO DO THE WHOLE FRIGGIN' LOCK STOCK AND BARREL OF CAPTCHA ---- which I will then promptly include and update here ]

My search for a captcha solution started from this web site
Good information but if you can't tell your php from html then your are stuck as they do not explain how to put all the pieces together.
However, this was my starting point from which Tony my programmer mate started developing my final killer captcha app.
Also it's very neatly put together.
If you are not a complete newbie or php idiot like myself, or would even like to implement something a bit more elegant then check them out

Next stop was this useful article which expands on the ins and outs of captcha but once again ... sorry folks •... but are you all programmers in a programmer's world or do you reserve some mercy for us idiot folk ?
PHP builder

Not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel I ended up at this web site
Great information, everything you need to know about captcha ... but S#i$ - how the f%©k do I implement it ?
Remember ?!, I'm NOT a programmer so where is the IDIOT'S link ?

Then things changed a bit.
Tonino had already made some changes to the previous captcha scripts and when I hit this following web site (link further down), I started to get into captcha randomness.
This site has a step by step tutorial on all the phases of the various forms and scripts involved in this particular captcha but.. jeeze - AAAARRRGGGHHHH! It's all disconnected for the idiot like me and you.

But as I later discovered, Blaine is also apparently a Mac user, which makes a difference and incongruity may be forgiven partially.

Check out Blaine's captcha part of his site though, and be amazed as I was at his non use of seo since he does not use any to get to the top of google, and hey, who says that content doesn't rule the waves.
[ Blaine - get some googleAds on there - they will love you ]

The form with captcha that sends to an email address
This was a real brainer for me since I had various components but being a php dummie could not stitch them all together to get a form with captcha to send out.
Not the captcha solution that I arrived at at the end and which I implemented on my web sites but this was getting interesting.
Unfortunately Tonino had gone on holiday so I had to get another good friend and programmer Alex to stitch all the bits together.


From this moment onwards I basically had my most important ingredients:
Captcha stuff from the above mentioned links, my secret weapons Tonino and Alex, and my desire to eliminate the 300+ spam emails I was receiving daily only from the form spamming that was going on through my web sites.

Also, being summer and things quiet, a few days to fiddle around with all of this to come up with something decent - or at least something that worked for me.

And if it works for me....

Recent updates and additions
I have received lots of feedback since the launch of this website in August 2006 and have since added bigger generated captcha images, and also explanations on how to change the font colour, font size, line thickness, background colour and a load of other parameters useful for modifying captcha images.
Check out this section: How to modify and manipulate a captcha image


If you have anything to say about captcha on your web site which may interest beginner webmasters or web designers who are not php experts feel free to let me know and I will add your link here.
Please add a few lines of what makes your captcha article or web site interesting and useful.



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How to insert captcha inside a web form

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How to modify a captcha image


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Captcha clock anyone ? 

Fully functional example of captcha and form

Large, BiG, GIANT Captcha, with captcha image tweaking options



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